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Angelswing becomes the eye of disaster sites.

Angelswing was founded with the mission of ‘Innovative Technology for All’. The seed that grew to become Angelswing was planted following the events of the deadly earthquake in Nepal. As we watched from afar the destructions of cities, we wondered if there was something we could do.

This is where our relationship with drones first formed. Drones could not only physically overcome the chaos of ground infrastructure, but could also collect crucial data needed for disaster recovery. Today, this mission still holds as we continue to share our solution with those in need. The reach of technology should not be discriminatory; it is for all to experience.

With Angelswing

Identify damage and assess the impact quickly and easily.
Holistic Reality Capture

Take a glance of the entire site on your monitor.

Precise Object Detection

Identify and mark targeted objects easily.

Accurate Volume Measurement

Precise data can be used for waste measurement.

Effective Communication

Start an effective communication based on the overviewed data.

Nepal Earthquake Case
Drone Mapping Project in Kuttal Village
In April 2015, Nepal was struck by 7.5-degree earthquake that destroyed buildings and houses in Kathmandu Valley. In order to help out the disaster recovery process, Angelswing tested drone mapping in Kuttal Village. The generated high-resolution map was given to the authorities for their future uses. Technological seminars were also held at Kathmandu University for the further monitoring.
April – August 2015
30 ha
Kathmandu University, Seoul National University
Indonesia Palu Earthquake/Tsunami Case
Drone Mapping for Disaster Impact Assessment and Rapid Recovery Support in Palu
On September 28, 2018, an earthquake struck the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, resulting in massive casualties in Palu region. Cooperated with Korean and Indonesian private and public organizations, we provided drone mapped data for impact assessment.
October 2018
Green Technology Center, Hyundai Engineering, BPPT, BNPB
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Aerial insights for disaster recovery, Angelswing.
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