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Angelswing Platform

The ones that only want to use Angelswing platform

Software that can process, analyze, and utilize drone data can be used in web browsers will be provided. In the platform we provide:
1) Automatic data processing 2) Data Viewer
3) Floor plans uploading and data comparison
4) Elevation checking and stockpile amount measuring 5) Other features such as data downloading.


Angelswing Care

The ones that want to operate the drone, but want to avoid the tedious works such as getting flying and surveying permission; Or if you are stressful about drone damaging when doing on-site surveying.

A drone will be provided by renting/leasing. Basic setting for on-site surveying and education will also be provided. Procedures such as insurance buying and flying/surveying permissions are also included.


Angelswing Service

When the site is larger than 150ha, or if the data quality needs to be examined, a professional pilot might be needed.

We provide all-in-one service with professional pilot flying for once, or regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly). Data will be delivered via Angelswing platform.

Drone strategy 2019,
do it with Angelswing.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to pay?

Depends on the plan, the platform usage is being charged monthly or yearly. It can also be based on the construction period. Regarding to the service, the price is different depends on the area of the site, and if there is GCP installment, area types, project types, etc. Please provide detail information about the site in the price inquiry form, and we will get back to you with the price as soon as possible.

When should I use Angelswing Service?

Angelswing Service is a premium service that provides professional drone pilots. If it is hard for you to operate drone on-site on your own, or if your site area is bigger than 100ha, it would be more efficient to use Angelswing Service.

When should I use Angelswing Care?

Angelswing Care is for you if you would like to operate the drone yourself. We will provide a drone for you in renting/leasing form along with our platform. If you find it hard to perform all the processes such as insurances and licensing, or if you are stressful about taking good care of the drone, we will recommend you to use Angelswing Care.

What are the process of using the platform and/or the service?

Please provide detail information about the site and the plan you are interested in in the inquiry form. We will get back to you in two days after confirming with the person in charged. Quote will usually be provided after discussing the details. Regarding to the platform, we provide trial version for the ones who are interested.

Do I need to have a drone if I use Angelswing service?

No. You don't need to have a drone if you use Angelswing Service. As Angelswing drone pilot will operate the drone and collect the data for you, you don't need to have a drone on your side.

To operate the drone on your own, you would need some basic settings and training.

We provide on-site basic settings(Flight plan generation, GCP installation, etc.) and training. It is included when you are using Angelswing Care. You can also add them on seperately. For more detail information, please refer to Angelswing's support policy.